Steel Fabrication Contractors


We have moved!

We have moved to our new location in Moerdijk, see our new details below:

VDS Rotterdam B.V.
Appelweg 9
4782 PX Moerdijk
Tel: +31 (0)10 2681 300
KvK nr.: 71902120

VDS Rotterdam

VDS Rotterdam is a prime location and directly connected to the largest port in Europe and open sea, its 26,300 square meter Yard, 250 meters mooring capability (max draft 9,50 meter) and 3,900 square meters of workshop floor,


VDS Rotterdam offers a one-stop-shop combining mooring possibilities with delivery of products, services and logistics.


  • Focus on development and production of steel/aluminum structures.
  • Specialized in offshore constructions, modules, jackets, bridge construction, certified welding, blasting and coating/ painting work, pipe bridges, shipbuilding, ship repair and maintenance.
  • Operates 24/7 and is a fully equipped offshore terminal, with SPMT trailers, forklifts, heavy lift cranes.
  • Your berth for mobilisation / demobilisation of offshore vessels or barges with Jack-up facilities.
  • VDS Rotterdam in-house engineering department.
  • VDS Rotterdam offers certified employers for all your construction activities on your site, onshore as well as offshore.