Steel Fabrication Contractors


VDS Rotterdam

VDS Rotterdam is a prime location in the largest port in Europe, its 42,000 square meter Yard, 340 meters quayside length and 27,500 square meters of workshop floor,

VDS Rotterdam offers a one-stop-shop combining mooring possibilities with delivery of products, services and logistics.

  • Focus on development and production of steel/aluminum structures.
  • Specialized in offshore constructions, modules, jackets, bridge construction, certified welding, blasting and coating/ painting work, pipe bridges, shipbuilding, ship repair and maintenance.
  • Operates 24/7 and is a fully equipped offshore terminal, with SPMT trailers, forklifts, heavy lift cranes.
  • Your berth for mobilization / demobilization of offshore vessels or barges at the North Sea with Jack-up facilities.
  • VDS Rotterdam inhouse engineering department
  • VDS Rotterdam offers certified employers for all your construction activities on your site, onshore as well as offshore.